Wednesday, March 31, 2010

May 13th, 1998: Hot Water Music, Grade, Boy Sets Fire, Bridgewater, Prisoner of Conscience @ Supreme Imperial, Baltimore, MD

Somebody made a prettier version of this flyer, but I don't have it. I also used to have some good photos from this show, but my cat ate them years ago. Use your imagination. This is one of my favorite shows I ever booked. This was not too long after "Forever and Counting" came out, which is still probably my favorite HWM record. It was also the first one I heard, so that may have something to do with it. I still like to pop it on on a fairly regular basis. This was my first time seeing them and they pretty much floored me. Such a great live band. There were so many people in that space going apeshit, and there were a couple "soft spots" in the floor, that I was legitimately worried that it could buckle, sending people crashing down to the first floor. Thankfully it didn't and everyone had a great time. HWM were doing the tour with Grade, which is why Grade played over Boy Sets Fire, even though BSF were much more popular in Baltimore. This was before "Under the Radar" came out, in Kyle's white boy dreadlocks era, and I was never a big fan of any of that stuff. They were better as a rock band. I remember him being real douchey about something. I think it was the PA. It was your standard DIY show PA with no monitors. He kept complaining that he couldn't hear himself. His attitude in general was pretty lame that whole night. Really put me off. Boy Sets Fire's "The Day the Sun Went Out" had been out for a little bit at this point and they were really starting to get some attention. I was pretty into this era of the band. Really energetic live shows. Bridgewater and Prisoner of Conscience were solid openers for this show. I never realized how many shows I put P.O.C. on until going through these flyers recently. I guess just cuz John and I were good friends and there weren't that many decent locals in Baltimore at the time.


jv said...

2 fairly vivid memories from that show. Classic heckling that I still remember from that show. Bassist for Boy Sets Fire kept yelling "Play the Breakdance Song!" HWM kept replying in a way that made it seem like they knew what he was talking about. Then halfway through the set, they asked "What do you mean by 'the breakdance song?'" And it he meant 220 years but he was substituting "I wanna see you breakdance" blah blah. Funny to me, funny at the time.

Sitting outside on the curb, grading papers (it was my first year teaching) when I saw a DOG SIZED RAT run across the street from just behind me. I jumped.Kyle from Grade was about to tap me on a shoulder to tell me that the rat was smelling the inside of the bag I had sitting on the ground.

Mike Riley said...

The area around the Chop Shop/Supreme Imperial definitely had some of the biggest rats I've ever seen. Definitely saw some running around upstairs during shows from time to time. Not often.

Also, Jim's been teaching for as long as I've been booking shows!

matt said...

Hi - You'll probably never read this, but thanks for the trip down memory lane! I was at a ton of these; you booked some rad shows. And I found myself in one of your photos from this HWM show, which was a landmark night for me. Came here looking for flyers for Baldwin Hall - I lived behind it - but I'm staying for the feels.

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