Thursday, March 11, 2010

January 4th, 1998: Frodus, Enemy Soil, Pig Destroyer, De Nada, You and I, Amalgamation @ UMBC Commuter Cafe

This show would be eBay gold today. I think Boson Au (now head honcho at Velocipede Bike Project in Baltimore) did this show. Maybe Joe Mitra. But Joe didn't go to UMBC and Bo did, so it was probably Bo. The only sets I still really remember from this show were You and I's and Frodus's. Two bands I had heard a bunch about at the time but hadn't seen yet. Frodus were tight and refreshing, but You and I really stole this show. As far as I was aware, the term "screamo" was invented for them. The music was intense and the band exuded raw emotion. Not in some corny, forced way like a lot of the bands the term would come to be associated with. I'd never seen anything like it at the time, and to this day, no band of this style has come close to grabbing me like this performance did. I picked up their LP at this show. Now that was eBay gold for a while. I like it though so it's not going anywhere.


forbes said...

Yea this show was a lot of fun. We had a real good time. I have some pictures from it somewhere but I have no idea where they are..

BSN said...

Holy shit!

I'm no longer head honcho (really never _was_ I was just visible...) but yeah that show was done by both Me and Mitra.

I'm starting to think that when people started confusing me with joe.

UMBC commuter cafe, indie rock kids club represent!

Joseph said...

This show RULED. Zegota also played, and I've got the flier that Boson drew at my house. I'll upload when I get back from California.