Wednesday, May 23, 2012

December 6th, 2000: Kill Your Idols, For the Living, Brace, Standard Issue @ the Sidebar, Baltimore, MD

Here's a flyer for a tight little hardcore show at the Sidebar. I was probably at this show since I can't imagine I would miss a chance to see and hang out with the Kill Your Idols guys, but I don't remember it specifically. Jamie Arthurs booked the show and Carl Caracia made the flyer.

Friday, May 11, 2012

December 5, 2000: Anti-Flag, Flogging Molly, Bigwig @ the Sidebar, Baltimore, MD

Funny to think this show was small enough to fit in the Sidebar 12 years ago. I don't think I actually attended this show. No recollection of it. Jamie Arthurs booked it and Carl Caracia made the flyer.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

November 26, 2000: Torn Apart, Brother's Keeper, Nora, Poison the Well, the Gacy Project @ WMUC, College Park, MD

Here are a couple different flyers for basically the same show that Jamie Arthurs booked. I made the one on top and Carl Caracia made the other one. The top one is more recent because Bane canceled and Jamie wrangled Torn Apart into playing a final show. The show was also originally supposed to be at St. Andrew's Church, but got moved to WMUC, the radio station at UMD, College Park. I can't remember if Bane canceling was the reason Jamie moved it to the radio station, as he assumed it would be a much smaller show, or if there was some other reason. Either way the show was packed. As I believe this is the first flyer on this blog for a show at WMUC, I'll explain it a bit. The campus radio station had a small (maybe 15' x 15') studio where (usually 1 - 3) bands would perform for live on-air sessions, for a show called Third Rail Radio. Somehow one of the hardcore/punk kids involved with the station (I can't remember who at the time) convinced the powers that be at the station to let them hold full-on shows with attendees and everything that they could record for later play on the air. This was far from the first of those shows, but there was a good 4 - 6 year period, with some short interruptions,  where WMUC became a regular venue for shows in the area. I saw and booked some great bands there. More of that to come in future blog entries. This show was one of the first for The Gacy Project, which was a local straight edge tech-metal band, kind of in the vein of Burnt By the Sun meets Harvest, featuring John Frank, Nik Korpon (Gamewinner), Andrew Duffy (Gamewinner), Mike Bast (The Wishing Sickness), and myself (first time playing bass in a band). We did a demo. I'll have to  dig it out and post it on here. It was fun but didn't last too long. It's also interesting to see Poison the Well so low on the bill considering the status they would go on to achieve in the metalcore scene. Oh, and if you've paid attention you would know that this was in fact not the last show Torn Apart would ever play.