Friday, April 29, 2011

January 29th, 2000: De Nada, Ultimate Warriors, Daybreak, Striking Distance, Gamewinner @ Kaffa House, Washington, DC

What a great line-up. Unfortunately I don't remember a thing from this show. Alex D, please grace us with your memories. Until then...the Ultimate Warriors are the only band on this flyer that I haven't already mentioned in the blog. They were a powerviolence band from the Lehigh Valley in northeast Pennsylvania. Members also played or currently play in the Gatecrashers, Pissed Jeans, and Slingshot Dakota. If you can't tell by their name, their schtick was wrestling. They put out a couple 7"s, an LP, and a bunch of split 7"s, including one with Daybreak. Rad, fun band.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

January 20th, 2000: Kind of Like Spitting, Ampersand, Apathy, Red Died Out @ Sushi Cafe, Baltimore, MD

After an unexpectedly long break, about six months, the blog is back in action. Sorry for the wait. I'll do my best to keep it updated on a regular basis from now on.

This was the first time I saw Kind of Like Spitting. Pretty sure it was just Ben and his guitar at this show. Really nice quiet songs with huge emotional tension in many of them. Haven't listened to any of this stuff in a while, but I'm sure I'd still dig it. Ben went on to play in The Thermals for a while. Great band. I've mentioned Ampersand on here before. Carl and Adam now play in a band called Black Birds. Their love for 90s Dischord sounds still shines through. Apathy were a terrible metal/hc band from Glen Burnie. Their sound was much more proto-nu metal than anything that really had to do with hardcore. Red Died Out were a local band featuring Tom Fortwengler, Donald Lefkowitz, Josh Medoff, and maybe someone else. Their sound was sorta a more indie-rock version of bands like the Doughboys or Big Drill Car. Donald went on to play in Can't Say, who were a great pop-punk band.