Tuesday, April 24, 2018

January 19, 1999: Velvet, No Potential, Clancy 6, Slipstream, Churner @ the Chop Shop, Baltimore, MD

Here's a poster by Damon Pieri for a somewhat local show (York, PA, NoVA, and DC) that I have no recollection of. Not 100% sure this one happened. If I remember correctly, Velvet were an indie-rock band from DC. No idea who No Potential were. Clancy 6 were an noisy/grindy band from York, PA. No idea who Slipstream were. My memory of Churner is that they were a noisy hardcore band, maybe AmRep-ish, from norther VA. If anyone was at this show, please let us know what you remember in the comments.

Friday, April 20, 2018

January 15, 1999: Page 99, Orchid, Forthright, Seven Ages, Death Be Not Proud @ the Chop Shop, Baltimore, MD

Here's Damon Pieri's poster for the show at the Chop Shop with Page 99 and Orchid. The original post for this show has a flyer with a different line-up. I'd guess this one was the later one since the other flyer doesn't include Orchid. No clue who Death Be Not Proud were. The original post includes a few pictures I took of Page 99 and Orchid. Check it out.

Updates from Facebook comments:
  • Death Be Not Proud included Jeremy Flynn and Al Charity who later played in Hobis and Dawn Treader. (thanks Ganesh K.)
  • Forthright was a local band featuring Dan Owen, currently of Murder (thanks Dan O.)

Thursday, April 19, 2018

January 14, 1999: Lounge, Erikson, Fair Warning, Lanemeyer, Houseboy @ the Chop Shop, Baltimore, MD

I'm not positive this show actually happened. The only band I'm familiar with on this poster is Lanemeyer. Don't remember who Lounge are but they seem to have popped up on a bunch of the shows I did around this time. According to this post, it seems that Houseboy was a band from New Jersey. If anyone remembers being at this show, please let us know in the comments. Damon Pieri drew the poster.

*Update based on some Facebook comments. I'm guessing this show didn't actually happen as Lanemeyer played the show the next day at the Chop Shop with Page 99 and Orchid. (thanks Bryan F and Andy B.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

January 13th, 1999: Saves the Day, Purpose, FSJM (Chernobyl Kids), Paris, Texas, the Cotton Weary @ the Chop Shop, Baltimore, MD

This is the poster that Damon Pieri drew up for the Saves the Day/Purpose show at the Chop Shop. Check out the original post for my recollections and some pictures I took. The Chernobyl Kids also played this show (before they had a name so I dubbed them "FSJM" [Funny, Steve, John, Matt]) but were added later so they didn't make it onto this poster.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

January 9, 1999: Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Cave In, Torn Apart, Lynchpin @ the Chop Shop, Baltimore, MD

This is Damon Pieri's poster for this wild show that happened at the Chop Shop. I don't have a handbill version of a flyer for this show so I never made an original post on it. I remember having to leave during Cave In's set for a job I had working at 98 Rock engineering Dee Snider's syndicated radio show The House of Hair, so I don't remember much in the way of details from this one. I remember being told the next day that Jake threw up on the side of the stage right before their set. Jamie Arthurs booked this one so hopefully he'll chime in in the comments about his memories of this show. Sick line-up though. RIP Caleb Scofield.

Monday, April 16, 2018

January 7, 1999: Disenchanted, I Farm, Unfound, Devola, Red Sky, Splurge @ the Chop Shop, Baltimore, MD

I don't remember much about this show. It's basically a Long Island invades Baltimore show. Though I don't remember anything about Unfound or Red Sky. It's possible they were not from Long Island. This poster by Damon Pieri is the only flyer I have for it. I think I have some pictures of at least I Farm from this show. I also used to have a Devola t-shirt which I must have bought at this show as I don't remember seeing them any other time.

Let me know if you were here and remember this one.