Wednesday, June 6, 2018

August 25, 2000: Intention, On Deck, What Lies Ahead, Looks Like Rain, Nero @ Dave J's house, Bethel, PA

I had met Dave Jannes a few months before this show when Looks Like Rain played with Ensign and Shutdown in Hagerstown, MD and Dave had made the trip out for that show. He hit me up about playing a show at his house when his parents were going to be out of town. The flyer mentions "in cooperation with UKI". UKI was United Kids Incorporated, which was the name I gave to myself for the shows I put on. I don't remember having a hand in booking this, but I must have gotten What Lies Ahead on the show. Intention featured Zach Amster, who would later go on to play in Full Contant/Knockdown, Shark Attack, Violent Minds, and No Warning. I can't remember who else was in the band. Can't remember who was in On Deck, but I remember seeing them a handful of times at shows in Wikes-Barre. No idea who Nero were. I do remember Dave telling me that he did get busted by his parents for having the show, and to my knowledge, that was the only show that ever happened at his house.

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