Wednesday, June 13, 2018

October 14, 2000: Acedia, Avulsion, From Earth to Ashes, Looks Like Rain @ Jamie's General Bean, Centreville, VA

To this day, this show is a favorite amongst Looks Like Rain members as a classic WTF story. Holly Le booked this at a coffee shop in northern Virginia. All of the bands were from Virginia except for LLR (Baltimore). About a week before the show she asked if I could provide a PA for the show. No problem. Looks Like Rain opens and then are followed by a bunch of Virginia metal bands (remember Tribunal Records?). (Aside: I don't remember Avulsion containing any members of Count Me Out, and From Earth To Ashes is a weird name for a band when there's already a band called From Autumn To Ashes that are on the same label as other bands on this show.) Anyway, the show ends and we're all packed up and Holly comes over and says 'Thanks for playing and bringing the PA. This is for you.', and hands me a 6-pack of raisins. Now, mind you, I've been in small bands for years and am used to not even getting gas money, but WE GOT PAID IN RAISINS! An experience I'll never forget.

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Unknown said...

Elliott from Count Me Out filled in on bass for Avulsion for a while.