Friday, June 15, 2018

October 28, 2000: Looks Like Rain, Avulsion, Ramona Forever, Willhold, Horror Business @ the Solar Haus, Blacksburg, VA

Looks Like Rain shows at the Solar Haus in Blacksburg, VA were always fun, especially since our drummer, Bryan, went to school there at Virginia Tech, and still had a lot of friends there. Pretty sure we did a bunch of Misfits covers since it was a Halloween show. Don't remember the details of this one much. I wonder if that house is still standing and if it's current residents have any idea of the fun that was had on that 2nd floor.

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Unknown said...

That house is still there. The residents might know what used to go on there since it ended up being in the news when a kid died at a Death By Stereo show.

Horror Business was actually a Misfits cover band, too.