Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Earthwell flyers


Scott from Bridgewater sent me a link for Nicole Earthwell's flyers. Earthwell did a shit ton of great shows in DC in the mid 90s but it was before I had a car or really had much of a concept of the scene in the area (remember, this is pre-explosion of the internet), so I didn't even know about them until it was too late. The only show in this collection that I think I went to was the July 20th one with Next Step Up, Torn Apart, Christ, Bridgewater, and Disbelief, although if it's the show I'm thinking of, it got moved to Brody from Bridgewater's house (the same house from the May 11th flyer) and Next Step Up didn't play. I think I saw the flyer for the house show at Reptilian and I happened to be living 3 blocks away at the time so I skated down to the show and watched some great bands by myself. Johnny X from P.O.C. was the only person there that I knew, but a lot of the attendees would become good friends of mine, even to this day.

Check the flyers out here: Earthwell flyers

Thanks Scott!

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