Monday, March 15, 2010

February 2nd, 1998: Torn Apart, Disembodied, Nora, Bound, Endeavor @ The Funnel, Baltimore, MD

Our first full flyer from Damon Pieri. This show didn't actually happen. This was booked at the space formerly known as The Bank, and then later, The Vault. I had seen some ska shows here when it was The Bank and figured I'd see if the new management was into doing hardcore shows. I can't remember why I decided to do it there instead of at UMBC, but probably because I thought it was gonna be some huge show, plus they had a high stage for epic dives. We showed up to the venue an hour or so before doors to get set up and the doors were still locked. I only had the number for the club so calling was useless. We decided to wait around and see if there was some miscommunication, but once 7:30pm hit, we decided that these douchebags had fucked up and there was gonna be no show. There was a bunch of people that had shown up and we were all pretty mad. I left with some of the bands and we went and got food. The club's sign got smashed to pieces that night and I got an angry phone call about it the next day. They said there was some miscommunication amongst their staff and the show never made it past whoever I booked it through. Needless to say, that was the last time I booked or attended a show at that shithole. A little while later, Craig Boarman, future co-owner of the Ottobar, booked the Bouncing Souls there and they made every patron sign a waiver that they wouldn't "slamdance or stagedive". I think that was the last time he booked a show there as well.


Unknown said...

I remember Damon making this great flyer but I had forgotten how things turned out w/ the actual show

Nolen said...

I went to that Bouncing Souls show (and remember just making some scrawl instead of a signature on that form). I mainly went coz The Fuses opened. Ben Valis handed me a flyer for one of his shows and then chastised me for wearing an Ink & Dagger shirt.

Mike Riley said...

Do you still have that Ink and Dagger shirt, and if so, can I have it?