Tuesday, March 2, 2010

June 7th, 1997: Breakdown, Floorpunch, Ensign, 97A, Last Straw @ Princeton Arts Council, Princeton, New Jersey

This one was while my parents were still living in New Jersey. I can't remember why I went home to visit them this weekend, but it very well could have been to go to this show. This was the only show I attended at the Princeton Arts Council as they didn't start happening until after I had moved to Baltimore for college. I don't remember anything about Last Straw; I don't even know who was in the band or if they went on to do anything else. Might have gotten there late and not even seen them since I had no interest in seeing 97A either. At the time my only exposure to Breakdown would have been from the The Way It Is comp, and while "Sick People" is a great song, my main reason for attending this show was for Ensign and Floorpunch, two bands I was constantly listening to at the time. Two things I remember buying at this show were the Floorpunch Crew crew-style (the rowing sport) shirt and the Ink & Dagger - Drive This Seven Inch Wooden Stake Through My Philadelphia Heart CD. Big clothes were the thing at the time so I bought the shirt in an XL (I'm a skinny dude that now wears clothes that fit, t-shirts in a size small) and ended up selling it on eBay a few years ago for way less than I thought I'd get for it (it did have a small mayonnaise stain on it). Ink & Dagger is still one of my all time favorite bands to this day. I don't remember too much about the actual show. (You'll notice me saying "I don't remember..." quite a lot in this blog. I have the worst memory ever, so please feel free to comment on these stories and fill in the gaps for me.) I do remember complete mayhem during Floorpunch's set, and rightfully so. It's kind of interesting to look back and think about Breakdown's legendary status, even at that time, and how a few years later Jeff would move to Baltimore and become a pretty regular fixture at shows around here. Totally down to earth, classic, and hilarious guy. All in all, definitely a great show.

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