Tuesday, March 16, 2010

February 8th, 1998: Franklin, Atom & His Package, Bridgewater, Bell Book & Candle, Lackluster @ UMBC, Baltimore, MD

Another Damon Pieri flyer. In order to obtain use of the campus copying services you had to get approval from the SGA (Student Government Association) for your flyer. Needless to say, this one did not get approved so I had to head to Kinko's for this one. There's a zine on the bed called Schwicks. That was Damon's zine. You'll see that pop up in his flyers from time to time. I remember contacting Atom to see if he'd come down and play Baltimore. I thought his first two records were pretty clever and was interested in seeing how it would come off live. At this point he was still somewhat a "mystery" outside of Philadelphia. This is right around when he started playing out live more often. He was the one who suggested that Franklin come down with him. I was never that into them, definitely a couple of good songs though, but I figured some other people would be and it'd help the draw a bit. Bell, Book, & Candle were an indie-pop band from New Jersey that had sent me a demo tape asking if they could get a show in Baltimore some time. It just so happened that they were heading out for a weekend trip and I thought their demo was pretty good so I added them to the show. Lackluster were an indie/alt-rock band from the Baltimore area, some of whom went to UMBC and I had become friendly with so I had them open the show. I don't really remember the turnout for this show, but it wasn't horrible. I haven't listened to Atom in years, and I'm not sure how well that stuff would hold up for me these days, but I still like to rock the Bridgewater demo and 7" every now and then. Great band.

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