Friday, March 12, 2010

January 25th, 1998: Prisoner of Conscience @ Reptilian Records, Baltimore, MD

I thought it was so cool that Reptilian would do these free in-store shows with local bands from time to time. This was kinda right at the end of the era of all that. I remember seeing Torn Apart in the store, and I'm pretty sure Daybreak did one as well. Not sure I actually caught any others. Many years later Chris X let Pulling Teeth debut our Martyr Immortal album in the new location the night before we headed out for a US tour supporting that release. This is definitely a Johnny X flyer. The quote at the top is him to a T. He always tried to come off with this antagonistic edge, and it worked with most people, but if you knew him you knew he just liked getting a rise out of people and could take it as well as he could dish it out. I think he really wanted P.O.C. to have this sort of mysterious or esoteric angle. They were a decent jazzy, technical, noisy band with personal lyrics. George, the drummer, went on to play in The Convocation Of...; Adam, the bass player, currently tattoos out of the Baltimore Tattoo Museum and Great Southern; Chip, the guitarist, went to med school and last I heard was in Hawaii or Puerto Rico or Florida or something; Johnny went to law school after graduating from UMBC and I believe is practicing somewhere out west. Their only official release was a self-released 7", but there was a demo or two as well.

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