Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 1st, 1998: Culture, Turmoil, Torn Apart, Prisoner of Conscience, Bound, Pastime @ UMBC Commuter Cafe, Baltimore, MD

This was the first *big* show that I ever booked. I was kind of blown away by the turnout. There were two areas you could do shows at the Commuter Cafe. One was in this enclosed glass box, the smoking section, which probably held about 150 comfortably, and the other was in the bigger main area, which held a lot more people but sounded like crap cuz it was all tile and cinder block. Based on the last few shows I had done I expected about 100 people to show up so I went with the glass box. Next thing I knew we had over 200 people paid and a lot of kids going apeshit in that small area. It was a lot of fun. I remember all the Lancaster kids, 24th Solution and their friends, they had some straightedge crew, I forget what it was called. Anyway, they came down en masse and heckled the shit out of Torn Apart since they were no longer a straightedge band. I also remember Damien from Culture telling me they were gonna be breaking up soon and handing me the As Friends Rust demo, which I listened to a lot. Bound was a NJ band featuring Jason from Kid Dynamite/None More Black, Dana who went on to play in Reach the Sky for a bit, Nick from Autumn, and the bass player went on to play in For the Love Of and I think the Radar Mercury, with Kevin from Endeavor. Jason and I went to high school together and I was really stoked for him that he was playing in a band that was getting out of New Jersey, and that I really liked as well. This flyer was my attempt at a John McKaig / Lost Horizon style flyer. Sick show.


GraveMistakeRecords said...

turmoil was awesome at this show i think it was the first time i had seen them ... the torn apart set was awkward. i fell asleep on one of the tables during culture ... i also remember wishing i had a hook like in showtime at the apollo during the pastime set ... i'm pretty sure you played for over 2 hours and i'm almost positive there was rapping involved.

Mike Riley said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Considering we only had 5 songs I must disagree on the time, and I can guarantee there was no rapping involved. You must be thinking of the Pimp Daddies.

Johnny Allan said...

"smoking section" Jesuse we are getting old dudes!!