Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 22nd, 1998: Ensign, Time Flies, Reinforce, Strong Intention, Oxboard Drain @ Supreme Imperial, Baltimore, MD

Another Damon Pieri flyer. This was the first show I ever booked at the Supreme Imperial (which would later become the Chop Shop). You can read the history of the venue during the time I was involved in the article I wrote for Dead Venues. This show was originally booked at the UMBC Commuter Cafe, but all shows got cancelled there when some jerk that booked a show left the place a mess. What the hell is wrong with people? George France, from Prisoner of Conscience, let me know about this space a local reggae band had where they practiced and threw the occasional party and they were willing to rent it out to people for other events. I got in touch with the guy who was organizing everything there and that was the beginning of a half-year relationship and a lot of really cool shows. When I first started booking shows there the place was a bit of a disaster. Junk and furniture and trash everywhere, and the place reeked of weed. There was a makeshift stage that looked like it could fall apart at any minute so I had the bands play on the floor. I think Oxboard Drain (some band from Ohio if I remember correctly), Strong Intention, and Reinforce were the only bands that ended up playing this show. Time Flies cancelled a week or so before the show. Ensign showed up, after driving about 3 hours from New Jersey, hung out in their van for a bit, and then sent their roadie upstairs to let me know that Tim was sick and they were gonna head home. Obviously a bullshit story, but it didn't look like that many people were gonna show up so it was fine with me as it was one less out of town band I had to pay. I think they still asked for money anyway. For those unaware, Reinforce was from North Carolina and featured Aaron (guitar) and Steve (bass) who would go on to form The First Step. I can't remember the singer's name but he used to call a lot trying to work out weekend trips for the band. Super eager, friendly guy who would talk hardcore for hours. He was a Kevin Seconds super-fan for sure. I think he was in the band No Comply from Atlanta after Reinforce broke up. Don't know what happened to him after that. Anyway, this is a really cool flyer/show for me as it marks the beginning stages of me actually running my own venue.

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