Thursday, April 8, 2010

Supreme Imperial calendar #2

Another calendar flyer. This time for the Supreme Imperial. At this point Jamie Arthurs and I had teamed up and the Supreme Imperial was our main venue for shows. There are some amazing shows on that calendar. It's funny though...these days some of those shows would sell out The Ottobar or even Sonar or Recher, but some of those shows were complete flops for us. Especially that Dillinger Escape Plan show and the Indecision show. We both thought those were gonna be huge, but no more than 20 people showed up for each of those. It was very strange. I also like No Reason being listed over Kid Dynamite. KD only had a demo out at that time and were just starting to get out and play shows outside of Philly. They actually ended up cancelling that show, but I can't remember why. That August 6th show ended up getting moved to Club Soda in DC for some reason. That was a fun summer, but there will be more details as we get to the individual flyers.


forbes said...

yup. Nate Newton was pissed, pissed at how few people were at the Dillinger show. He was all like, "Next time we're going on tour with Count Me Out" hahah..I had a great time though, but I definitely felt bad for him. He had to pay the rent you know. I was still in college, living at home, and I worked at the food co-op during the summer. I found out all too well where he was coming from in later bands..

jv said...

I think I remember the July show with Discount or I'm mixing it up with another time East Liberty played there. I'm pretty sure a couple other bands got added to that. I wanna say glasscraft was on tour with the butterflies (I bought a 7", but have since sold it). I remember seeing Joe and Boson for the first time at that show. They were the most stoked dudes that I had seen in the area. Up front and fired up for every band.

The Overcast, Disembodied show was great too. I never saw Disembodied with that lineup, when I saw them before, their singer flaked out on them and the drummer sang for them and the guitarist played drums. I almost put my foot in my mouth talking about flaky singer right in front of him.

Probably my favorite time seeing Overcast, who for a long time, I never knew went on to be in big metal bands.

Mike Riley said...

Thanks Jim! I think the Glasscraft did play that show. I forgot about that band.