Thursday, April 15, 2010

August 8th, 1998: Silent Majority, Indecision, Milhouse, Codeseven, Falling Sickness @ Supreme Imperial, Baltimore, MD

Look at this line-up! You'd think this would have been a pretty big show, right? Nope. There were maybe 15 people there. I couldn't believe it. We really thought this was gonna be as big, if not bigger, than the Hot Water Music show. We were baffled. All of the bands were great. Actually, Falling Sickness didn't show up. Apparently they didn't get the memo that it was a matinee show, because we didn't want to compete with the 25 Ta Life/Turmoil show happening at the 180 Club that evening, and they didn't arrive until well after the show was over and everyone was gone. I only know they made it because they left a note on one of their posters on the front door saying "fuck you assholes" or something to that effect that I found a couple days later when opening up for the next show. I didn't make it out to Hagerstown for that 180 Club show so I don't know what the turn out was like for that one, but our only assumption was that people didn't want to deal with an afternoon show in Baltimore and then an immediate hour-long drive to Hagerstown for the night show. Maybe people just weren't as into those bands around here as I thought they were. Who knows? What I do know is people missed some great bands that day. Flyer and pictures by me.

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That's a great picture of Artie with the Rasta flag in the background. Haile Selassie I bloodclot!