Wednesday, April 14, 2010

August 4th, 1998: Kid Dynamite, No Reason, Mendoza @ Supreme Imperial, Baltimore, MD

This would have been my first time booking Kid Dynamite but they ended up cancelling. Jason and I went to high school together, but Bound didn't start until after we had graduated and I had moved down to Baltimore from New Jersey, so while I was really stoked for him to be in a band that was playing out a bunch, I only got to see them a handful of times. I remember talking to him not long after Bound broke up and him telling me that he was trying out for a new band with Dan and Dave from Lifetime. I tell him that is awesome but in my head I'm thinking, 'yeah, that'll happen, sure...' A couple weeks later I'm talking to him again and he tells me he's in the band and they'll have a demo soon. I couldn't believe it. I was so stoked for him. I can't remember the date but I went up to Philly to see them open for Propagandhi, Avail, and J Church (I'm pretty sure that was the show) and picked up the demo and it blew me away. I kept bugging him to get them to come down to Baltimore and this would have been the first time. I can't remember why they had to cancel this show. Bummer. No Reason were a Buffalo band featuring ex-members of Half Mast and future members of Dead Hearts. They were a decent fast hardcore band. Mendoza was a College Park all-star band featuring Alex D (Government Warning, Grave Mistake Records) on vocals, Tem (What Lies Ahead, De Nada, Superchinchillarescuemission) on bass, John Mutchler (Chernobyl Kids, No Justice, the Aftermath, Set To Explode) on guitar, Pat Vogel (Sick Fix, FVKDC, Crispus Attucks, Rations) on guitar, and Jeremy (Torn Apart) on drums. They were a pretty good Lifetime-y melodic punk band. Alex should really sing in a band again. Demo 7" on Grave Mistake eventually. Alex seems to remember some touring band hopping on the show to replace Kid Dynamite but neither of us have any recollection of what they were called. They obviously weren't that memorable. Oh yeah, we also had to break into the venue to do the show since our guy there was in jail and not able to open up for us. I think Alex made the flyer.


Ape Mummy said...

I always liked fliers that Alex made...would love to cop that Mendoza demo 7" (if it ever comes out).

Johnny said...

"Allstar band" haha!