Wednesday, April 28, 2010

October 4th, 1998: Knapsack, At the Drive-In, Antarctica, Charlie Brown Gets a Valentine @ UMBC, Baltimore, MD

I like to tell the story of this show cuz it goes to show how douchey some people can become because some people like their band. I never cared much for Knapsack, always thought they were a boring Samiam rip-off, but their booking agent sent me a copy of their new album, "This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now", and I thought it was decent. In the same package I got At the Drive-In's "In/Casino/Out". Fuck. I was blown away. They'd already had a couple of records out but hadn't done much east coast touring, if any, so no one really had a clue who they were. I couldn't stop listening to that CD. It was fresh and unique and energetic and really really good. I immediately agreed to do the show as they were supporting Knapsack on the tour. I was definitely way more excited to see At the Drive-In than Knapsack for sure. I don't remember who Antarctica were. Charlie Brown Gets a Valentine were a few guys from around Maryland that played pretty decent pop-punk (they're reuniting for this year's Insubordination Fest, mention this show if you go). Lucas, the guitar player, would go on to form Dead Mechanical many years later, who are one of my favorite current local bands. I added them to the bill and the show was all set. The show was in the Commuter Cafe at UMBC, which was, well, a cafeteria. Not your typical venue for the rising stars of emo-pop I guess, because when Knapsack showed up, they were the first band there, they walked in, looked around, asked where they could find some food, left and never came back. Meanwhile, the locals played to a small crowd and then At the Drive-In set up and blew everyone away. You'd think they were playing to a crowd of 1000. Totally going crazy, playing well, and having a blast. They were excellent. They were totally down to earth, friendly dudes just happy to play a show in front of new people. From that day on I always had a chip on my shoulder for Knapsack. The Jealous Sound were way better anyway. I have some pictures from this show somewhere but can't seem to find them right now. When I do, I'll post them. I made that sweet flyer.


jv said...

of the many amazing rock and roll moves the pre-afro at the drive in singer guy did, the best and most hilarious was hopping on a cafeteria seat and rocking back and forth so it would go from the front two legs to the back two legs. yeah, he was riding it like a rodeo guy rides a bull. It was great.

ob said...

Antarctica was guys from Christie Front Drive and Another Wall. Good band.