Wednesday, April 7, 2010

July 6th, 1998: Ink & Dagger, Elliott, Six Going On Seven, Saves the Day, ErrorType:11, Yearly @ Supreme Imperial, Baltimore, MD

Let's see how well I remember this show... Ink & Dagger definitely cancelled and I'm not sure that Saves the Day played either. Yearly were an emo/punk band from Long Island. I think one or more of them went on to play in The Stryder. Not sure what else. ErrorType:11 were a decent indie rock band on Some Records from NYC. At the time, I really enjoyed most of what they put out, though I haven't listened to any of it in years so I'm not sure how well it has stood up over time. I really liked Six Going On Seven's first album and their split with Hot Water Music. I remember getting their first CD in the same package with the Get Up Kids' "Four Minute Mile" CD when I worked at the radio station at UMBC and being really pleasantly surprised by it. Their 2nd (last?) album had some pretty good songs on it as well. I need to put that stuff on my iPod. I enjoyed most of Elliott's records but they never impressed me much live, although that one guitar player, the long hair, who may have also been in By the Grace of God was a maniac on stage. I really enjoyed watching him play. Sweet flyer art by yours truly.

*Updates from Facebook comments:

  • Josh Greenbaum reminded me of a story from this show where Saves the Day's van broke down and one of the Elliott guys had to go pick them up in their van. Thanks Josh!
  • Jamie Arthurs reminded me that Chris from Saves the Day also played an impromptu solo set outside the venue after the show. Thanks Jamie!

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penna said...

Saves the Day played that show. I have pictures from it. But holy shit Elliott was amazing that night!