Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pictures from the spring and summer of 1998: Bloodlet, De Nada, P.O.C., Buried Alive, Saves the Day, Dillinger Escape Plan

I've got the rest of the day off of work cuz I got a tooth pulled at the dentist's office today and I've got a mouth full of gauze and I'm supposed to relax for the rest of the day. I found a bunch of photos from some shows from the spring and summer of 1998 that I don't have flyers for, so as an added bonus post for the day, I present them to you here.

This first batch is from a very short notice show at the Supreme Imperial for Bloodlet when they had a cancellation on a tour they were doing. I don't have the date, but it was sometime in the spring of 1998. I think the band in the first photo was called Blindside, but I'm not positive. I know they were from northern Virginia, but I have no idea who was in the band or if any of them went on to do any other bands. The second picture is of Prisoner of Conscience. Johnny X, the singer, was the one who booked the show. Bloodlet was one of his favorite bands at the time. I loved all their 7"s and most of "Eclectic" so I was pretty pumped on the show myself. De Nada was the third local on the show. They played the Supreme Imperial a bunch of times and at almost every show Dave broke his guitar in some manner. This may have been the show when he was flailing around and broke the headstock off on a 4' x 4' column. They were always a great live band. Bloodlet were great, but this was right after the release of "The Seraphim Fall" and they mostly played those newer songs. It was all a bit too slow and sludgy for me. Wasn't really feeling it. Still, they were a great band and always good to see live.

Here we have two pics of Dillinger Escape Plan from their show at the Supreme Imperial on their tour with Botch and Jesuit on July 19th, 1998. That guitar player was a maniac and kept "attacking" the crowd (all 15 of us) with his guitar while playing. Actually, it got kind of annoying after a few songs. Still, they were amazing to watch play.

Here's a picture of Buried Alive at Club Soda in NW Washington, DC from August 6th, 1998. The bar is currently on Connecticut Ave. in Cleveland Park, but I seem to remember it being a few blocks over on Wisconsin Ave. at this time. I could be remembering that incorrectly though. This was from a show with Brother's Keeper, Endeavor, and Lynchpin that was originally supposed to be at the Supreme Imperial, but when things started getting sticky about us getting in when our temporary contact got arrested, Jamie decided to move this show to another venue. I always hated seeing shows at Club Soda. Shows were in the downstairs bar and it had an odd, cramped layout.

This picture of Saves the Day is from the Supreme Imperial show on August 13th, 1998 on their tour with Bane. Turmoil, Blindside, and 44 Evergiven also played the show. RIP Sean McGrath.

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