Friday, April 9, 2010

July 12th, 1998: Discount, As Friends Rust, Pastime, the Butterflies @ Supreme Imperial, Baltimore, MD

This was a great show. Discount were rad. I still listen to both albums fairly regularly. I only got to see them twice and this was the first time. I remember people being really psyched to see them play. They were touring with As Friends Rust, which was Damien from Culture's new band, whose demo I'd been listening to a lot since he gave it to me when I booked Culture a few months earlier. I can't remember if their 10" was out yet but I don't think it was. Jim V. (South Carey, East Liberty, Passover) thinks the Glasscraft played this show as well. I think they may have but am not certain. The Butterflies was the new name for The Propeller Song. Chuck Cole (Two If By Sea) played drums. Not sure what the other two members went on to do. I believe they were a couple. Really nice and pleasant indie stuff. I'm not sure who made this flyer but it wasn't me. I miss Discount.


Unknown said...

I saw Discount / AFR in NJ on that tour. I went to see another band who wound up canceling, but was blown away by both bands. I still have my Discount button that I got at that show. If I recall, As Friends Rust had the CD version of the 10", but the vinyl wasn't released until months later.

Unknown said...

the discount / as friends rust split is so good. this was before i really started to listen to discount ... kicking myself for not going now.