Monday, April 5, 2010

The Final Small Intestine Calendar

I saw a handful of shows at the Small Intestine which was a cool little DIY show space in northeast Baltimore run by a young Ben Valis (later of Stars of the Dogon, among others). I think Ben was about 17 when he opened up this space, pretty much on his own. Ben hosted a lot of really cool bands during it's time. This is the final calendar of shows for the place. I can't remember why he decided to stop doing it. After he closed down I think the space became a shoe store. It's currently a store that sells car stereo systems, rims, and that sort of thing.


Ape Mummy said...

Ooof! Seeing the schedule reminds of what kind of piss-poor sense of direction I had when I was 19. This is 2 miles south of the Beltway, and 20 minutes from my parents house. There are no less than 5 shows on this schedule that I remember wanting to go see, but didn't go to any of them. I mean, c'mon! Vaz, Sweep the Leg Johnny, The Thumbs headlining over American Steel, Rainer Maria (twice!). It's a wonder I made it to any shows outside of Bel Air in the late 90's.

GraveMistakeRecords said...

i definitely stole a poster for the drop dead show off the wall a few weeks before it happened. i think the band sent them to promoters to hang up ... it was too sweet not to take. looking back it was probably a dick thing to do but fuck it. i still have it i think it hung in every dorm room bedroom i lived in during college. arab on radar sucked.

i think my favorite show there was his hero is gone. they were sick.

GraveMistakeRecords said...

i also talked to pat vogel for the first time every outside of the small intestine. this is how the conversation went:

me "so you go to university of maryland?"

vogel "yeah"

me "cool i'm starting there this fall, do you like it? how is it?"

vogel "the food sucks"

jv said...

Ben and Jon from East Liberty were there. I wasn't at this show, but I heard this story a many times and enjoy retelling it. It probably wasn't this dramatic, but I like to remember it as such. It's the first time I heard anything about the Vortex.

The Day of Man as Man, Deadwood Divine, Rainer Maria show.

At some point during the show, the Vortex shows up and starts talking trash on all these emo bands. This is all going down outside. Some people get annoyed/upset and tell him to leave. Guy from the day of man as man was drinking a fountain drink and had an empty cup in his hand. He throws it at the Vortex. The Vortex looks at him and says "I got tow words for you... E-MO" and pushes Guy on the chest in between the E and the MO.

All hell breaks loose (verbally not physically) and everyone is screaming. The Vortex runs down an alley and gets his car to drive away.

There is a fair amount of traffic on the road and Guy's keys are sitting in the middle. He spends some very awkward moments trying to get his keys before the traffic allows it.
Someone, I believe it's Guy again, pulls off his keys from his belt and throws them at the Vortex's windshield. He hits, and the windshield cracks.

Mike Riley said...

HAHA. The Vortex was my roommate for a bit in 2002 or 2003. That was a fun time.