Monday, September 27, 2010

May 9th, 1999: Ensign, Kill Your Idols, Good Clean Fun, Committed @ Stalag 13, Philadelphia, PA

A few weeks after my last visit and I'm back in Philly at Stalag 13 for another show. I never liked Committed. The fact that the singer really tried to ape Ray Cappo always bothered me. Good Clean Fun were still pretty fun at this time. I remember them covering "Not Just Boys Fun" and most of the crowd going apeshit. Kill Your Idols were the band I primarily went to see. They were great. I broke my hand getting rammed into the speaker during their Sheer Terror cover by Jesse from Something In the Water. To this day I wonder if it was on purpose or not since I was friends with some of the people that went to his house to fuck with him after he made a rather disrespectful comment about the frontman of a very popular band at the time. I never cared for the dude and that didn't help matters. Ensign's Cast the First Stone album had just come out and while there were a few decent songs on it, it didn't really grab me like their previous stuff had. Actually, to this day I still think their debut 7" and their split with Good Riddance contain their best stuff. They played a good amount of of the older songs at this show along with the best songs off their new album so it was a good set, although my hand was a bit sore (I didn't realize it was broken until the next day) so I couldn't fully enjoy it. Good show.

EDIT: Former Ensign/Something In the Water/Purpose member Chris Oliver noted that I was remembering some of my history incorrectly...It wasn't Jesse's house that they visited but Jesse said something along the same lines when Looks Like Rain played a house show in New Brunswick with Something In the Water, Tear It Up, and Holding On, and that had gotten back to that same group of people, though this time nothing came of it except for some words on some message boards, but he said something that made me think he thought it was me that said something, and that's why I wondered if the shove during KYI's set in Philly was purposeful, but the New Brunswick house show wasn't until August of 2001 so this was not the show where I broke my hand, it was another KYI set and it may have been at the Killtime since I think Stalag 13 was not still running in August of 2001. My memory sucks.

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Anonymous said...

clarification... I said what I said at the Joyce Kilmer show cause I knew rats like you would stir the pot. the fact your friends threatened to beat me up but asked me to come to their "dojo" to spar since they were both on probation was laughable. I didn't break anything on anyone ever on purpose. guess it was just a mistake honestly & I am as sorry as i could be 10-12 years later. I never knew you enough to have beef w you so get over yourself I just knew you or your band were friends w the dudes threatening me and it was a way for me to act like a stupid guy who stands up for his friends when the tough guys come around.

I also imagine your friends never told you bobs dad was a cop and he chased them (the kids your friends sent to do their dirty work) off his porch. it was a funny story to hear. those days those fucking days