Monday, September 13, 2010

March 19th, 1999: Kid Dynamite, Kill Your Idols, Fast Times, Grey Area, Good Clean Fun @ St. Andrew's Church, College Park, MD

This is one of my favorite shows I ever booked. Probably the biggest one as well. It was also the first show at St. Andrew's Church, which eventually became a somewhat legendary venue for the area. This show was originally booked at the Chop Shop so when it got shut down I had to scramble for a new venue and make sure it was gonna be big enough for the show. This is when John Mutchler and Steve Clark stepped in. They were trying to get their Second Wind Revolution shows going in the DC area so they'd been looking around for possible venues. One of the places they had talked to was St. Andrew's Church in College Park. The location was perfect as it was in between Baltimore and DC/NoVA and the hc/punk scene around College Park was at it's height with loads of people doing bands and a bunch of houses hosting shows, as well as a few places around the UMD campus like the radio station (WMUC) and the Food Co-op. They solidified the Church as the venue for the show and we got to work getting the word out about the show. I knew it would be one of the bigger shows I had ever booked at the time, but I was quite surprised by the turnout. I don't remember the exact number right now, but the church was a big space and it was at least half-full. It definitely would have been way too big for the Chop Shop. Every band was great, as you might imagine, and everyone had a blast. Kid Dynamite ended up using photos from this show taken by Mark Beemer on a release. I'd have to look but I think it was the 88 Fingers Louie split. The photos with Jason wearing a Redskins t-shirt are the ones from this show. You can see some video of it in their DVD as well. A few other people began using the church as a venue for shows with Jamie Arthurs eventually "taking it over" and booking a bunch of really big and really memorable shows. I'm pretty sure Steve Clark made this flyer. Amazing show.


akropp said...

wmuc, not wumd. still, cool to read about

paul said...

i may be wrong but i think every band covered minor threat at this show.