Thursday, September 16, 2010

March 24th, 1999: Angels In the Architecture, Ampersand, Houseboy, Midway @ Sound Exchange, Ellicott City, MD

Here's a flyer for Ampersand's first show at the Sound Exchange in Ellicott City. By the looks of it I'd say it was a collaborative show between Josh, who ran the SX, and Johnny or Carl from Ampersand. It's definitely a Carl Caracia flyer. Ampersand was Johnny and Adam from Prisoner of Conscience teaming up with Carl from Underneath. I can't remember who played drums, but it might have been George from P.O.C. (and later The Convocation Of...). I recorded their demo at UMBC for a studio recording class I was taking at the time. The band was very much influenced by the mid - late 90s Dischord bands. Kinda heavy, but with a touch of groove. A little Fugazi, a little Lungfish, as well as some other influences. They definitely had some cool songs. Angels In the Architecture were a post-hardcore/indie/emo band from Michigan (I think). Not really my thing but they were friends with John from Ampersand. I have no idea who the other two bands are. This was definitely a sparsely attended show but the record store was small so it worked well for that sort of thing.

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