Monday, September 20, 2010

April 10th, 1999: MACRoCk '99 day two

I found those photos that I promised in the last post but I just got a new computer and my scanner is so old there are no updated drivers for it, so I have to go get a new scanner. Pics coming shortly...

Here we have a flyer from the second day of the MACRoCk festival. This show was a blast. I was really stoked on almost every band on this show. I'm not sure if the Submerge on the flyer is the band from Long Island or not. Not even sure I caught them on this night. Radar Mercury were a pretty decent indie/rock/punk band from NJ featuring some of the guys from Endeavor and the bassist from Bound. I think Doghouse put out their debut EP. It had some pretty good songs on it. I never loved the Jazz June, but they were a decent band. ErrorType:11 were an indie rock band from New York on Walter Schreifels's label, Some Records, with an all-star cast of Long Islanders from bands like Mind Over Matter, Bad Trip, Clockwise, and Milhouse. I have their debut CD, their EP on Crank, and their split with Gameface on Revelation and I like it all. Ann Beretta's Bitter Tongues CD is still on regular rotation on my iPod. Didn't care much for anything after that but they were great live at this time (unlike at the reunion shows from a couple of years ago when they played everything at half speed). I was super pumped to see Discount as I had only seen them once before and they were great. They mostly played stuff from Crash Diagnostic, which is a fine record, but it was the Half Fiction songs that really got me excited. Hot Water Music played an incredible set. I loved everything they had released at this point and they played a good mix of all of it. I remember most of our crew being right up front for this show and everyone singing their hearts out and having a blast. I've got some pictures of this set. Coming soon, I promise.

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