Friday, September 10, 2010

February 7th, 1999: Bluetip, the Farewell Bend, French Mistake @ Ottobar

Here's another flyer for a show at the Ottobar in it's original location on Davis St which later became the Talking Head and is now slated to be a parking lot I think. I didn't like too much of what was coming out on Dischord post In On the Kill Taker until I heard Bluetip's Join Us LP. Something about that record just grabbed me. I'd always been into Swiz so maybe it was the Jason Farrell connection, even though the sound wasn't really similar at all. I just think he's a really cool guitar player. I quite enjoyed them at this show. I don't remember who the Farewell Bend were. The French Mistake were a band with my friend and fellow UMBC student Mike Borneman. I'm pretty sure they put a CD out but I never picked it up. Don't remember exactly what they sounded like. Great Blazing Saddles reference though.

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thuglifebaldwin said...

the farewell bend was the singer of boys life and the drummer of giants chair plus another dude.....great band, but then i dug/still dig anything on caulfield records