Thursday, May 6, 2010

October 23rd, 1998: All Out War, Shutdown, Straight Faced, Buried Alive @ UMBC Commuter Cafe, Baltimore, MD

I never cared much for All Out War, but they were taking Buried Alive on tour with them and I really wanted to book them so I confirmed a Baltimore date for the tour. A week later I got a call about Shutdown and Straight Faced touring together. I didn't care for Straight Faced at all but I was into that first Shutdown album at the time and was into having them come through. Straight Faced ended up cancelling, but I can't remember why. Also can't remember if I got a replacement or if it just ended up being three bands. Part of me thinks Innerside Burning was the replacement, but I could be wrong. There was some mosh, as you might expect.


Jason Powell said...

I remember really liking the Shutdown/Indecision split on BTB. It was kinda sludgy in a cool way.

Anonymous said...

we played a different show with shutdown at the commuter care, i think with underneath


guido said...

I think footage from this ended up on Step One also. I love that you did this. I wish I kept better track of all the shows I went to when they happened(stories etc). I have a huge binder of fliers I've saved and Jason had his all laminated in college & I have almost all my stubs from hard ticket venues, but wish i had more stuff from these kind of shows.