Monday, May 24, 2010

December 1st, 1998: Ink & Dagger, De Nada, Persevere, Proximity Fuse @ the Chop Shop, Baltimore, MD

Ink & Dagger are one of my favorite bands ever. I got to see them play a bunch of times and they were great every time. This was the first time I saw them after The Fine Art of Original Sin came out and at this point they were over doing the make up. They brought some strobe lights with them to help spice up the live show a bit, but to me it made no difference, I just wanted to hear the songs. Trevor from Longshot was playing guitar in Persevere, a local sneaky Jesus* band, at the time and Ink & Dagger "accidentally" left with his guitar that night. It was sorted out pretty quickly and he got it back, but that soured me on the band a little bit. Who knows if they took it purposely or not. Proximity Fuse were an indie rock band from northern Virginia. I know they did a split 7" with East Liberty but I can't remember who was in the band or if they did anything afterwards. Damon Pieri drew the flyer.

*Sneaky Jesus bands - Christian hardcore bands that are on the downlow about that fact so they can get a wider acceptance in the general hardcore scene

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