Friday, May 28, 2010

December 13th, 1998: Ink & Dagger, Torn Apart, Saves the Day, Kill the Man Who Questions @ Phantasmagoria, Wheaton, MD

I actually don't remember much about any of the sets from this show except for the fact that Chris came out with an acoustic guitar and played "Handsome Boy" to open up the Saves the Day set, a song which they very very rarely played. I thought that was cool. Someone else will have to fill in the gaps on the rest of this show for me.


Dozer said...

a couple skinheads kept screaming "what the fuck is this Green Day!?!" while he did the acoustic set. The only part of this show I really remember was Ink & Dagger.

Anonymous said...

I know I was bummed because Ink & Dagger didn't wear corpse paint.