Wednesday, May 19, 2010

November 18th, 1998: Sam the Butcher, Subsist, Wretch Like Me, On Edge @ the Chop Shop, Baltimore, MD

Sam the Butcher were a punk band with a touch of ska if I remember correctly. I think they were from Arizona. I remember the CD they sent me being decent but the only thing I really remember about it 12 years later is their cover of Elvis Costello's "Peace, Love, and Understanding" which was pretty good. Subsist were a ska-punk band from the Baltimore area. I went to school at UMBC with one of the members. I was never a big fan but they had a bit of a local following. Wretch Like Me were a band on the newly formed O & O Records, operated by members of Descendents and All. I remember the singer being a bit of a wild man but their music didn't do a whole lot for me. On Edge was a Clash-y punk band from Frederick fronted by my friend Kyle Riley (no relation). I made that sweet flyer.

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