Wednesday, May 12, 2010

November 10th, 1998: Chamberlain, New Rising Sons, Bridgewater, Lackluster @ the Chop Shop, Baltimore, MD

I believe that this show was just after Chamberlain's "The Moon My Saddle" was released and while I liked most of Split Lip's stuff, I was not feeling the alt-country vibe of this new record all that much. I revisited the record fairly recently and I'm much more into it now than I was then. Still, they played a great set. New Rising Sons on the other hand were completely disappointing. I know Drew was in the band, but I can't remember who from those other x-bands played, but it was some of the most boring, uncreative, vapid indie shit I've ever heard. Two songs in and I couldn't wait for their set to be over. I couldn't understand how a band could be so crappy coming from a pedigree like that. Such a shame. Damon Pieri drew the top flyer and I created the masterpiece underneath.

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Unknown said...

did cross my heart play this show?