Monday, May 10, 2010

November 4th, 1998: Living Sacrifice, Six Going On Seven, the Kill Van Kull, Cheater @ the Chop Shop, Baltimore, MD

Here we have the flyer for the first show at the Chop Shop. After a month of fixing the place up we were super excited to finally have a place to call our own. At this point, Jamie and I were pretty much working as a team on shows, with support from a bunch of friends. The only band on this show I was super stoked on was Six Going On Seven. I really liked their first album and their song on the split with Hot Water Music. The 2nd album wasn't out at this point, but that had some good stuff on it too. The Kill Van Kull needed a show the same weekend and I thought their sound fit well with SGOS, plus it was a dude who played in Kiss It Goodbye and Die 116 for a bit. How could I say no? Their record was pretty decent. I don't remember who from Cheater was in those x-bands, but I feel like it was one guy who was the SoCal go-to guy when bands needed a fill in. They weren't very good. Jamie booked Living Sacrifice, who I didn't care for at all. The show went off well and it marked the beginning of new era for hardcore/punk/indie in Baltimore. I made the sweet flyer.

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