Monday, November 8, 2010

November 26th/28th, 1999: Page 99, Pig Destroyer, Daybreak, Midiron Blast Shaft, InSpite @ the Ottobar, Baltimore, MD

These two shows were in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Reptilian Records. I only made it to the Sunday matinee show. Great line up. InSpite were a powerviolence band from Harford County that didn't take themselves too seriously but were pretty rad. Nick Vance, currently of Deep Sleep, played drums. Brian Redbeard played bass. Jim Branscome sang. I forget who played guitar. They released a posthumous 7" on Torture Garden Picture Company which is well worth picking up if you ever see it. Midiron Blast Shaft were a noise-rock band with touches of metal/hc from Philly. I have no idea what any of the members are doing these days. I interviewed Page 99 during this show for the one and only physical issue of Speech Impediment zine that exists. Daybreak and De Nada were also interviewed in it. RIP Reptilian Records.

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Amazing show. Jason Culler played bass for In$pite. He was a Joppatowne kid who moved up to NYC shortly after the demise of In$pite. Some of the dudes from Midiron are in Fight Amp. Chris X just announced the 21st anniversary retrospective for Black Friday. Well worth attending.

Mike Riley said...

I specifically remember Redbeard playing naked for InSpite more than once. Did he play guitar? Or did you make a typo in your response? said...

Yeah, it's a typo. Jason played guitar. Redbeard played bass, until he got kicked out/left, then I think Ben Osborn took over.

My memory of HarCo HC is getting worse as time goes on.

Mike Riley said...

Some info from Jim Branscome:

"A few show notes and Inspite corrections.

Pig Destroyer didn't play the Sunday show for some reason. Because they didn't play, Chris put Inspite on the Sunday show.

I remember the Friday show was much better than the Sunday show. But that may be just my opinion.

Redbeard was no longer in Inspite at this point. Jason Wurm was playing bass.

Jason Culler was the guitarist and along with Nick and I was there from the start.

Ben, who was our second guitarist for a time and played nude at the Good Clean Fun show."

Anonymous said...

you should post a copy of the zine if you still have it!

Mike Riley said...

It's in a box in my basement but if it's easily reachable I'll try to do it in the near future.