Tuesday, November 9, 2010

December 4th, 1999: Kid Dynamite, Thursday, Crispus Attucks, No Justice @ the Wilson Center, Washington, DC

Kid Dynamite broke up a few days before this show so they didn't play. I'm struggling to remember who replaced them. I wanna say Majority Rule but I could be way off. Thursday only had Waiting out at this point so they weren't the huge band they are today. It was cool seeing them as Tucker and Tom are old high school friends of mine and I didn't get to bump into them that often. I still think that first album is pretty decent but I never bothered checking out anything after that. I'm pretty sure this is the show where Timmy chucked one of Gene's cymbal stands into the crowd during the No Justice set which collided straight into the skull of Dave Nada. Pretty sure stitches were involved. Even though KD cancelled this still ended up being a hell of a fun show. This one was a Sara Klemm production.


Greg said...

Didn't that happen at the last No Justice show? Wouldn't be surprised if it happened more than once though.

Mike Riley said...

Stuff definitely got chucked at the last No Justice show, but Dave definitely got his head split open during a NJ set at the Wilson Center.

Also, Craig Henry of Time Flies sent in some clarifications:

"Time Flies replaced Kid Dynamite (broke up), also the Thursday van was robbed outside this show."

Daniel Shea said...

Years later Dave Nada would throw his guitar in the crowd and send me to the emergency room for stitches haha.

GraveMistakeRecords said...

both majority rule and time files were added to replace kid dynamite

thursday's "van" was actually a station wagon if i remember correctly

i think dave byrd gave pat martin a nasty black / blue / purple eye during time flies

timmy sent dave nada to the hospital at this show, he sent dave it up to the hospital at the last show. he apparently didn't like guys named dave

this show was great