Friday, November 12, 2010

December 19th, 1999: The Swarm, Daybreak, Gamewinner, Brace, Boxcar Children @ Kaffa House, Washington, DC

This was the only time I got to see the Swarm play and they were rad. I thought this show was gonna be a wild one but the turnout was weak. I don't think there were more than 20 people there. I was shocked cuz The Swarm were the shit and I was super pumped for this show. I'm not sure who Boxcar Children were. I think they were a poppy punk band. No idea who was in it or what they're doing now. Alex Dimattesa had a hand in the show. Pretty sure he made the flyer. I think "timmysly" was Tim Hefner, currently of Chaos in Tejas, but I can't remember for sure. To this day The Swarm are my favorite Chris Colohan (Burning Love, Cursed, Left For Dead, etc) band.


GraveMistakeRecords said...

i'm pretty sure tim who booked this was in the band boxcar children, it wasn't timmy hefner.

this show sucked. swarm were awesome though, but they didn't make up for the show sucking. i didn't book it, i just made a flyer for it and helped promote it, i guess i didn't do that good of a job. did i mention the show sucked? most sunday shows suck, this one in particular.

Blake said...

Tim, was Tim Abdonello from Crestfallen

thuglifebaldwin said...

saw the swarm 3 times, total destruction