Friday, November 5, 2010

November 13th, 1999: Crispus Attucks, What Lies Ahead, Striking Distance, Brace, Gamewinner @ Kaffa House, Washington, DC

A solid local show at the Kaffa House. Not sure who set up the show but it looks like a Steve Clark flyer. Gamewinner is the only band here that I haven't mentioned before. This is a band near and dear to my heart. All good people, some of which I still hang out with or talk to on a regular basis. I released their 7" on my label at the time, Emogeddon Records, and my old band Looks Like Rain would play and hit the road with them often. I'll have to dig up the CD master for the 7" so I can upload it for your listening pleasure. Nik Korpon, who sang, is currently teaching classes (English I think) at CCBC in Essex, MD and has just had his first novel published, titled "Stay God". He also played in The Failure Design, a cool local post-hardcore band. Guitar player #1, Andrew "Duff" Duffy went on to start Desperate Measures before fading out of hardcore for a dependable job at BGE. Guitar player #2, Alex Dimattesa, is an avid reader/helper with this blog, currently works for the Independent Label Collective in Richmond, VA, operates Grave Mistake Records, plays in Government Warning and Wasted Time, and previously played in Crispus Attucks and Mendoza. He also loves quoting Fear of a Black Hat. Pat Martin played bass and would go on to play in Never Enough and sing for The Wishing Sickness (aka the Rock Band). He is currently bartending at the Ottobar and roadie-ing for Thursday and Strike Anywhere (literally currently for the latter, like right now). Ryan Brown played drums and would go on to play in Brace and Black Birds (the Baltimore one). Great band. Someone remind me to upload that 7", or do so yourself if you've already got it ripped.

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Dan said...

Planning on upping the Gamewinner 7" and demo on my own blog sometime soon. I had no idea the singer had a book published, I'm gonna have to check this out.