Thursday, November 11, 2010

December 12th, 1999: Indecision, Kill Your Idols, Zao, Dragbody, Blue Skies Fade, Looks Like Rain

Minus the god-rock, that's a hell of a line up. This was Looks Like Rain's first show. Thanks to our friend Michelle Northam (currently of Sick Fix), she got her friend, a young Nolen Strals (currently of Double Dagger and Posttypography), to make a banner for us. I still have it. We only had four songs and a Misfits cover but I was super pumped to play a show with Kill Your Idols and Indecision. This was when Artie Phillie was on vocals for them. I also thought Blue Skies Fade's first EP was pretty cool. Not sure if they released anything after that but I feel like they did. Dragbody were a noisy/chaotic heavy metallic hardcore band from Florida. Decent, but not really my thing. Great first show. Jamie Arthurs booked it and I made the flyer at work.