Wednesday, October 20, 2010

September 19th, 1999: Get Up Kids, Saves the Day, Six Going On Seven, Ampersand @ St.Andrew's Church, College Park, MD

The next day we hauled it back to Maryland for this show at St. Andrew's Church in College Park. I'm pretty sure this was the infamous "poop-doo" show. For those unaware, this was an incident involving a local rabble rouser that was working on footage for his pre-Jackass video show of him doing stupid/gross/funny stunts. He took a bit of his own shit and smeared it on the door handles of Saves the Day's van and hid inside a dumpster with his video camera waiting for them to come outside after the show to load their van back up and catch their reaction on tape. For reasons I can't remember, he never did get the footage he wanted but I remember sweeping up the church after the show and hearing them all yelling and freaking out outside when they found what lay in store for them. Pretty foul stuff. This also may have been the show when Saves the Day had the bright idea to bring a bunch of those plastic balls from ball pits at kids' playlands, like at McDonald's, and toss them into the crowd. As would be expected, the balls started getting whipped back at them from the crowd, which got pretty annoying for the band pretty quickly. As far as the bands go, they were all great. I was pretty into every band that played so it was a good time for me.


Anonymous said...

he also wiped shit on the singers hand during their set

Mike Riley said...

Forgot that bit. It was actually the microphone if I remember correctly and Ben made mention that it smelled like someone shit their pants during their set.

Bachman said...

my first semester at UMD..was going to swing by but it was sold out and Faraz gave me his wrist band to get in for a bit.