Friday, October 1, 2010

June 18th, 1999: Reversal of Man, Combatwoundedveteran, ForceFedGlass, Joshua Fit For Battle, Daybreak @ Black Aggie's, Baltimore, MD

Florida invades Maryland yet again. This time for some grind/powerviolence action. Didn't Combatwoundedveteran coin the term "powerviolence"? I believe this kid Angel booked this show. I used to see Angel and Jordan hanging around together all the time. Jordan would eventually move to Florida and become Against Me!'s merch guy/manager and start Sabot Records. Sabot released records for Lucero, Against Me!, None More Black, the Gaslight Anthem and more. Not a bad roster. I remember at the time thinking that those two were just a bunch of goofy drunk punks. Glad I got proven wrong. Not sure what Angel is doing these days. You don't see too many two color flyers. Nice touch. Black Aggie's (formerly known as the Laff n Spit) was a building on the corner of Hollins St. and S. Carrollton Ave., in SoWeBo, near the Sushi Cafe. Someone will have to refresh my memory. Was this the show where we showed up to open up and get ready for the show to find that Black Aggie's had flooded after some heavy rain storms? It flooded so bad that part of the second floor had caved in creating a wet mess of wood and plaster. Pretty sure that was this show but it could have been another one. Anyway, on to the bands...I pretty much only went to see Daybreak and hear Reversal of Man play that one song about Earth Crisis. I didn't care much for the sound of most of these bands. All out fast, chaotic, and screamy. At least Daybreak kept an undercurrent of hardcore going within their music. The rest of the bands were just a chaotic screamy mess to me. People flipped out over this shit at the time. Probably still do. Tony Pence has a good story about ForceFedGlass trying to mooch off of a tour they had booked, calling up the promoters and telling them they were on tour with Daybreak (which they weren't) and need to get added to the show. I can think of a couple other bands that tried this trick around this time. Lame. This show would have been eBay gold a few years ago. Don't know if anyone cares anymore though.

EDIT: Maryland expatriate Jim Branscome reminded me that National Acrobat hopped on this show. I knew there was a reason I was there so early but couldn't remember exactly. Members of National Acrobat went on to form Coliseum and Young Widows, as well as a bunch of other great Louisville bands. They also used pics of a show I did for them at the Sushi Cafe for one of their releases (the glitter pics). Jim also remembers that there was a two hour gap between National Acrobat and Daybreak for some reason and that Reversal of Man didn't even play "Get the Kid With the Sideburns". Good memory Jim. Thanks!


Mike Wikf said...

Angle was also in a//political and part of the crass hole collective. And yes, I'm pretty sure this was one of the floodings... I say "one" because this was pretty offten occurance. The craziest is that kids lived in that place, all the while it was collapsing around them. I also tried to do like a free kids program in there, doing arts and crafts... which is crazy as a parent to think, I would never allow my kids in that place in that state. The owner was out of the country, and Bill adler (of sowebo fame) more or less "Allowed" us to squat it. Last time i went by there, some one had fixed up the place and it was a corner church.

Anonymous said...

"black aggies is a bad name"

Anonymous said...

Came down from York,PA for this show as we often did. Don't remember forcefedglass playing though