Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 21st, 1999: Kill Your Idols, No Justice, What Lies Ahead, Sleep It Off @ Phantasmagoria, Wheaton, MD

This was a fun show. I'm trying to remember who was in Sleep It Off. I think it was Laurel area kids. I wanna say Andy Norton (Praise, Champion, Desperate Measures, Warpriest...) was in the band. I could be remembering that wrong. Someone refresh my memory. I'm pretty sure this was the show where Timmy and John kept kicking at each other during the No Justice set. Timmy liked to get wild during the NJ sets and his band members weren't off limits in the chaos. John had had enough at during the set and may have threw his bass at Timmy at one point. Can't remember if this was John's last show with them or not. This is a classic Steve Clark flyer.


Anonymous said...

Just found this blog. Not sure how I let this slip by me. The singer for Sleep it Off was this kid Richard. Dope kid. I think he still plays in a band from Baltimore, but I dont know for sure.

Tangata Manu said...

One of the guitarists of the band here. Gene, the drummer from no justice, played in this band. Andy Norton did play bass. When he left, Evan from De Nada filled in.