Friday, October 22, 2010

October 16th, 1999: Fastbreak, Reach the Sky, Bane, One King Down, Daltonic @ St. Andrew's Church, College Park, MD

Minus Daltonic, this show was rad as hell. Actually, this was post-God Loves, Man Kills One King Down and that album blew so I remember not being too stoked on them at this show. Bane, Reach the Sky, and Fastbreak were three of my favorite bands at the time and they all killed it. Fastbreak's Fast Cars, Fast Women record was great. Whenever You're Ready was pretty good too. I know a lot of people were bummed on it when it came out cuz it seemed like they were trying to jump on the Saves the Day bandwagon, but I thought it had a bunch of good songs. I made the flyer while working a temp job in an office where I had maybe one hour's worth of work to do in an eight hour day. Needless to say I learned to love messageboards while working that job.

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