Wednesday, October 6, 2010

July 30th, 1999: the Thumbs, Panthro UK United 13, the Degenerics, Shoutbus!, Worthless @ the Wilson Center, Washington, DC

Not sure if that's Sara Klemm or Beauchamp listed on the flyer as the contact person. Pretty sure this was my first time going to the Wilson Center for a show. It definitely felt like hallowed ground for me. The place has such incredible hardcore history. Worthless were a pretty decent punk band from New Jersey. I think Fid from the Measure [SA] played with them for a bit. Can't remember if he played this show or not but I feel like I remember seeing him there. A year or so after this they would go on to sue or threaten to sue Lookout! Records over an Ann Beretta song that completely lifted the tune from one of their songs. I can't remember the outcome of the ordeal but it was interesting to say the least. Shoutbus! were an eccentric band of DC folk. I couldn't even tell you who to compare them to. I remember Billups was in the band. He's been writing for Razorcake lately and is also doing his own short story writing and living in Tucson. I can't remember who else was in the band. This was my first time seeing the Degenerics and I've been hooked ever since. Their LP wasn't out yet but I picked up a 7" they had. The Degenerics are one of the most underrated bands in hardcore history. Their musicianship is mindblowing. They don't sound like Bad Brains but the comparison is fitting. Totally tight, super fast, high energy hardcore punk. I highly recommend picking up their Generica LP if you don't already own it. PUKU13 were back in town a month after their visit with Hot Water Music and Leatherface. Decent band for sure. The Thumbs were Baltimore's punk rock heroes. Ex-members of the Pee Tanks and other classic MD bands. I can't remember if Randy or Phil was playing drums with them at this show. If you're into local music and you're unfamiliar with the band, go find Make America Strong. These days Mike and Bobby are playing in Sick Sick Birds (well, Bobby is on a school hiatus right now, but he's still in the band).

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