Tuesday, January 10, 2012

July 25, 1999(?) & May 16, 2000(?): I Farm, Clancy 6, Boom Boom Cats, Charm City Suicides, Caste, Kerum, Die Cheerleader Die, and the Overprivileged

Sorry for the lapse there folks, I had to scan more flyers. While doing so I found these two older ones, so this post is a little out of sequence.

The first flyer was actually on the flip side of a flyer I was scanning from 2000. I didn't go to it. I've asked the promoter and one of the band members and the best guess is that this show was from 1999 (but possibly 1998 or 2000). Josh from The Sound Exchange in Ellicott City booked the show.

I didn't attend the 2nd show either. Someone gave me this flyer for the blog, but now I can't remember who. Club Ozone was what is now the Ottobar. The best guess for the year of this one is 2000 (not long before the Ottobar took it over), but possibly 1999.

We'll get back to the regular rotation of flyers tomorrow.


Dan Bress said...

Jamie Arthers fliers. lol

Mike Riley said...

That's funny that you say that because I was comment on the style being very similar to Jamie's flyers, but I'm pretty sure this is a Josh Greenbaum flyer (the top one).

Mike Riley said...

Josh from the Sound Exchange just informed me that the I Farm show was indeed 1998 as the Alley Cat got shut down and the show had to get moved to the Sound Exchange.