Tuesday, January 3, 2012

July 23, 2000: Churner, Looks Like Rain, Angel Eyes, Ourselves Alone, Victory Red, Flirting With Disaster @ 1253 Columbia Rd, Woodbridge, VA

First things first, I actually did what I said I was gonna do. Here are Ampersand's two EPs for your listening pleasure:

Check 'em out if you dig 90s heavy discordant hardcore, somewhere between Bloodlet, Die 116, and Lungfish. Mitch Olshansky, I'm looking at you. "Interrogation Techniques" on the first EP is the jam.

Onto the flyer...The only recollection I have of this show is that it was in the back yard. I have no idea whose house that was. I remember that Churner were from NoVA. Heavier stuff if I remember correctly. No idea what any of them did after that band, if anything. Angel Eyes was Matt Bidwell from the Green House in Vienna, VA and friends. They played Gravity Records-kinda stuff. I have no idea who Ourselves Alone or Victory Red were. Flirting With Disaster were an all-female band, though I don't remember exactly what they sounded like; metalcore, I think. So much for my memory.

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David H said...

This is the very first time I saw any sort of hardcore bands live. I was 16 and lived in Woodbridge and a few of my friends went to this. I remember thinking that Looks Like Rain was the best band I saw that day. Ourselves Alone was a band from the Woodbridge area that was around for a few years. I believe it was booked in the backyard of the girlfriend (at the time) of Dan Moore, the last singer of TAEA.