Wednesday, January 18, 2012

August 13, 2000: Misfits @ Recher Theater, Towson, MD

I don't believe I ever saw the Misfits at the Recher Theater so I don't think I actually attended this show. The two times I saw the Misfits in Baltimore were once at Memory Lane with H2O opening and once at Bohager's with H2O and Sick Of It All opening. The Memory Lane show (Oct. 30th, 1996) was amazing because American Psycho hadn't been released yet so they just played classic songs from start to finish. I had no idea that H2O was on the bill so that was a pleasant surprise to see them when I got there. There's also the fact that the place could not have held more than 150 people or so, but it was waaaaaaaay overpacked, but so much fun. The Bohager's show (Nov. 1997, according to the Google / 2 tracks from Evillive II are from that show) was way less fun because the venue sucked and the Misfits played too much crappy new stuff. I did however interview H2O that night for a zine that I never completed. I still have the tape and have daydreams about publishing that interview in some new zine I have yet to get started on. Same for the Descendents, who I interviewed at the 9:30 Club on one of their tours for Everything Sucks. Maybe one day.

If anyone actually went to this show, please tell us about it.

EDIT: Some friends have jogged my memory...

Ryan Brown: "Pretty sure I went to this one. I think Ignite played as well. For some reason, I'm also thinking that Zoli sang for the Misfits instead of Michael Graves."

Tru Pray: "Reach the Sky opened up and Zoli did sing a few songs [for the Misfits]."


guido said...

I remember this being one of the loudest shows I ever went to, it was noisy, white noise noisy..Ignite = yummy!

I think I enjoyed the Bohagers show more, Todd Friend played drums on a song for the Misfits (the drum riser was like 20 feet high and the drums had like huge spikes coming out of them).

I know what you mean about lost/incomplete projects, I interviewed a bunch of bands at Warped one year when I was interning at HFS that accidently got erased/rookie operating the portable DAT recorder. The other was during shooting for Vol 2 of Step 1 we had tons of DV footage of SOIA, The Souls, H20 and interviews that got destroyed in a fire.

Jason Powell said...

The H2O and SOIA Misfits show was different, wasnt it? I remember both, at the H2O one, some of the DC crew got kicked out for jumping off the poles or something. I liked that show more, the Misfits had a cool intro film and TV prop before they played. The one with Reach the Sky and Ignite was a little more boring, and I remember like families being there and bringing their kids and babies all ghouled out for the Misfits for that show. I think Ignite had a new guitar player.

Mike Riley said...

Yeah, the H20/SOIA one was at Bohager's. The one this flyer is from was at Recher Theater.