Tuesday, June 14, 2011

May 28, 2000: Page 99, Creation Is Crucifixion, Xibalba @ unknown, Baltimore, MD

This is a double-sided business card flyer for Xibalba's (Baltimore) last show with Page 99 and Creation is Crucifixion. I know Ben Valis (Stars of the Dogon / the Small Intestine) was in Xibalba. Can't remember who else. Awesome flyer. I don't believe I made it to this show as the venue sounds completely unfamiliar to me. It says it was across the street from the Copycat Building on the 1500 block of Guilford Ave. As far as I know, the only building there is a charter school. If anyone made it to this show, please fill us in.


sherrydawn said...

Dan Hensley was also in Xibalba.

jv said...

did this show get moved to Hopkins? I definitely remember seeing CIC and Xibalba play a show together @ Hopkins.

Anonymous said...

The is Ben Fogarty. I was in Xibalba. That show was killer. So was the one at Hopkins (Necrofest). I miss those dudes! 2 Dans. 2 Bens. 1 Elliot. Then there were others... Anybody have photos or video?