Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 21, 2000: Scumbrigade, Sbitch, Foil In the Works, the Scam, InSpite @ Sushi Cafe, Baltimore, MD

This show was a case of "sometimes I can't say no". I wasn't into any of the touring bands but I'm a nice guy and like helping out when I can, especially for bands from overseas. Scumbrigade were a crusty thrashpunk band from Sweden. I let them stay at my house after this show and my couch reeked of body odor for months afterwards. Sbitch and Foil In the Works were two bands on tour that needed a hole filled. Again, sometimes I can't say no. I think at least one of them, maybe both, was from Texas. Neither were very good. The Scam featured one or both of the twins that did a lot of the Wilson Center shows (Wade and ?). InSpite have been mentioned before. One of Baltimore's best powerviolence bands.

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