Thursday, June 9, 2011

May 13th, 2000: Ensign, Shutdown, Time Flies, 200 North, Looks Like Rain @ Kingpin, Hagerstown, MD

The Kingpin was a short-lived venue that Zac and/or Adam from Strong Intention ran in Hagerstown after the 180 Club closed down. I only remember a few hardcore shows happening there. This one was pretty fun. I met Dave Jannes at this show. Solid dude. He got pretty stoked on Looks Like Rain, which made shows with him in attendance more fun. I couldn't tell you much about 200 North besides the fact that they were a youth crew band from western Maryland. I think that Think Fast! Records released something for them. Might have been someone else. If anyone knows if any of those dudes are still playing in bands, fill us in.

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Anchor said...

200 North lasted from 1998- 2003
Three albums were released a split cd on Eulogy with Esteem, an EP on Falling Leaves Record Japan and a full Length on Da Core (Pittsburgh)
I (Brian) went on to sing for a band called Carry the Torch in Sacramento, CA. Brendan Ekstrom the guitar player went onto This Day Forward and Circa Survive.